As close to a sure thing as it gets...!!  SteelheadSchool Adventure Travel   As close to a sure thing as it gets..!!

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Dominican Republic


Florida West Coast


Florida Keys


Cape Cod





Once you get your Trophy you may want something to help remember the moment. That's where a good taxidermist comes in.  I use Bill Rusinko on my skin and replica mounts.

Realistics Taxidermy





Adventure Travel

Hosted Trips


Garden River Sept 2009

Click above for information on the best Pink and Chinook Salmon fly fishing in the Great Lakes region.  In our all inclusive streamside camp on PRIVATE water.

Please check back often more trips coming soon..



What is Adventure Travel ?

I am blessed to have experienced so many fishing destinations during my lifetime.  My passion for fishing has led me from Northern Quebec to Honduras.  From Cape Cod to the Olympic Peninsula and many places in between.  These days I very rarely get skunked on a fishing trip. I fish to catch fish.  I'm not saying this to stroke my ego.  Success wasn't always so easy to come by.  I learned at an early age that the number one rule to catching fish is to fish where the fish are.  Sticking to this logic and doing my homework has led me to some of the best fisheries in the world.  I guess it helps when your a fishing guide who spends his entire life talking about fishing.  Many of these goldmine fisheries were shared to me by my guests on my guide trips. Once I knew where to go the next piece of the puzzle was figuring out when to go.  This can be difficult but again by doing my homework I have narrowed down the peak times of the year to fish. Once these two pieces of the puzzle are figured out all you have to do it figure out what they are eating.  This is where the local talent comes in.  I sure helps to know someone local who can help you shorten your learning curve. 

Yutican Peninsula Mexico March 2008


With my wife in Ohio May 2008

Blitzing Cape Cod Stripers June 2008

Garden River Ontario Canada September 2008

Dominican Republic October 2008

I want others to experience the thrill these fishing destinations have given me.  Often it's intimidating planning out a fishing adventure. Let's be honest, in today's economy no one wants to waste their money on an unsuccessful trip.  Many guides and outfitters just want to line their pockets with your cash.  I know because some of my hard earned money ended up there.  I also have met some great guides along the way.  So I have decided to put it all together for you.  In the future we will be hosting fishing trips.  A small group of fishermen who share the same goal.  That's right one of our familiar Team Member Guides will be there to make sure everything goes as planed.  We will help you prepare for the trip every step of the way, start to finish.  It's as close to a sure thing as it gets..!!

Were trying to put together some great trips for 2010.  Alaska Salmon,  Boca Grande Florida Tarpon,  Cape Cod Stripers,   Garden River Ontario Salmon,  Dominican Republic Marlin on the Fly,  Private Pennsylvania Trout,  Wild Cattaraugus NY Steelhead, Trophy NY Browns,  and of course "Steelhead Alley"

It's as close to a sure thing as it gets..!!

Don with a 21 lb 9 oz Northern caught on a clouser in Quebec






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