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Dfishinfool's Guide Service

Winter on "Steelhead alley"

It's not easy to have consistent success while winter steelheading on "Steelhead Alley".  All of our rivers lie in Erie's snow belt and rain, snowfall and ice outs can rapidly change fishing conditions. All of our streams will have good numbers of fish by now BUT stream conditions more often than not will determine your success this time of year.

We seldom fish the same spot two days in a row this time of year. To catch fish every day you have to be part weatherman and also have a intimate knowledge of twenty different streams.  Each stream has different depths, runoff rates, and drainages.  Ice jams will form in the same areas each year. The only open water may be below a falls or dam. That's where the experienced guide who knows all of the streams and is willing to travel  a little has a big advantage.

Ohio's larger rivers stay free from ice longer and with the Manistee strain steelhead starting to run you could land that fish of a lifetime. Pennsylvania's smaller shale bottom streams clear much quicker after high water periods but are the first to ice over. Both Ohio's and Pennsylvania's steelhead stay in the rivers all winter long waiting for that perfect water temperature needed to spawn. Weather will be the determining factor as to where we fish.

 We have years of experience at winter steelheading. We spent well over 150 days fishing on the streams last year. Winter is my favorite time of the year to fish. Crowds thin out and it's not uncommon to find yourself all alone on a gray silent winter afternoon. The only sound is the whip of the fly line and the rustling of your jacket. You ask, how is the fishing? It can be terrific. You might get to fish in a whole pool of steelhead that haven't seen a angler yet.

 Water temp is very important and determines the methods we will use. If air temps are below freezing it can be tough fly fishing. For many veteran steelheaders winter means its spinning rod time. Of course we will fish to your preferred method on our guide trips. We like to sleep in a little in the winter. As the water temperature rises so will the activity of the fish. Early starts are not necessary. I recommend hitting the river between 8:30 and 9:00 and fishing till dark.

 In the morning your guide will meet you at the hotel or meeting point just off the interstate. You will need to dress in layers and the outer layer must be waterproof. Warm clothing is a must as are polarized sun glasses. Many anglers prefer neopreme waders but I wear breathables with two layers of fleece underneath. You will need a change of clothes in the truck in case of a accidental dunking. I will have a wading staff for you to use and comfortable lifejacket vest's for anybody who wants one. If its really bad I will often bring a portable propane heater to warm your hands. I prefer wool gloves and always carry a extra pair. Some of the new thin neoprene gloves are very popular. I like to wear a pair of surgical latex gloves.  They really help keep you warm. Give it a try..!!

If conditions are right on Ohio's Grand river we may take the drift boat instead of walking.  Its a great way to fish in the winter.

I keep a light schedule during the winter months. If we get unfavorable conditions and can't fish all deposits are refunded. I also maintain a E-Mail list for people who can go on a very short notice when I feel conditions are ideal for some great fishing and I have a opening or cancellation. First one to reply gets the date.

  All guided trips are all inclusive and include use of high quality rods and reels and all flies, tippets, bait, hot and cold beverages and a excellent streamside lunch. All you will need are waders and a license. A $50 deposit will hold your date. Winter steelheading can be both rewarding and challenging. Are you up to it?

Let's Go Fishin..!!

Save Time and buy your fishing license online.  Please check with your guide on what state you will be fishing.






In addition to our guided Ohio and Pennsylvania trips we offer a select number of trips each Fall to Western, NY and the Cattaraugus Creek. Steel headers often refer to the Catt as the "Crown Jewel" of our Great Lakes tributaries. We fish the Catt during the month of October. It is a beautiful stream and the early fall fishing is great. Give me a call and we will discuss a trip to the Catt. Don Mathews NY License #4348

We also have a presentation "Finding Fish on Steelhead Alley" available to put on at your seminar, event, or club meeting. We have assembled a awesome slide show and have all of our own equipment. We offer this presentation at a very minimal cost, and your audience will learn from it. So Please contact us....

Many lodging options exist along "Steelhead Alley" and Interstate I-90.  Here are a few lodging options located near to the streams that we fish.

Comfort Inn Elyria Ohio;  440-324-7676
EconoLodge Elyria Ohio; 440-324-3911
Howard Johnson's Geneva Ohio Exit#218; 440-466-1168
State Park Lodge Geneva Ohio Exit #218; 866-806-8066
Hampton Inn Ashtabula Ohio Exit #223; Call   440-275-2000
Comfort Inn Ashtabula Ohio Exit #223; Call   440-275-2711
Days Inn Conneaut Ohio Exit #241440-593-1226
Best Western Erie Pa exit#18 814-838-7646

Clarion Inn Erie Pa Exit#18 814-833-1116

Comfort Inn Dunkirk NY Exit#59 716-672-4450

White Inn Fredonia NY Exit#59 716-672-2103

Best Western Dunkirk NY Exit#59 716-366-7100

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