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We know most people are smart enough to spot a fake or a liar.  Before you book a trip with any Steelhead Alley Guide ask them how many years they have been fishing Ohio. If they are honest you might be surprised by the answer. Anybody can be a internet hero and since you don't need a license to guide Ohio.  Out of state guides are flocking to the area to make a quick buck. Our team of guides have been fishing Ohio and the rest of Steelhead alley our whole lives.  We want lifelong customers. We strive to exceed our guests expectations.  My guarantee is simple. If your not 100% satisfied with anything we do contact me.  If I can't make it right. I will give you a full refund. No questions asked.

webmaster and founder of

Don Mathews


The original

"Steelhead School" 

 Since 2001

ten imitated but never duplicated.  We have over 150 satisfied Graduates thru the years. It is a three day adventure into the world of fishing Steelhead Alley.  Our team of local steelhead pro's teach you everything you need to know to be a successful steelhead angler. It also includes a nine hour tour of the hot spots on the streams. We will cover, When to fish where, knots, rigging terminal tackle, leader construction, fly selection, reading water, fighting fish,  spin, fly, spey and cenerpinn techniques plus thee hours of hands on fly tying.  All you will need are an Ohio fishing license and a pair of chest high waders. . The weekend is value priced at $350 per angler and included in the price is two nights lodging



Bill Rusinko at Realistics Taxidermy is the only one I will trust with my trophy fish,  He lives in Michigan's UP and he is an expert at correctly painting our great lakes species.


This link takes you to Greg Lum's blog.  Greg is a good friend of mine and an expert with the center pin.  He is on the river almost every day and his reports are funny but accurate.


John Nagy has updated his great book on Lake Erie Steelhead fishing.


We are proud members of the Ashtabula County Convention and Visitors Bureau.  Their website lists local attractions, the areas fine wineries, hotels and other information on the area.


Our Team of Guides have the required permits to Guide on Lorain County Metro-Parks property. Lorain County is host to some beautiful well appointed parks.



We trust quality RedWing floats and terminal tackle on our guided trips

Here is a great link from Redwing Tackle on rigging up your Spin or Pin outfit


If your ever fishing in central Kentucky look up are friends at Cumberland Drifters for a great float trip is a great website with lots of good information. Especially for the Center Pin fisherman




A neat new concept in floats. 



Area Fishing Clubs

Ohio Central Basin Steelheaders

Pennsylvania Steelhead Association

3 c u Trout Association

North West Pa Trout Unlimited

SONS of Lake Erie Club (save our native species)

Neshannock Trout Unlimited

Emerald Necklace Trout unlimited Cleveland OHF

Firelands Fly Fishers

North Branch Boys Fly Fishing Club Toledo Oh

North Coast Fly Fishers

Tri County Trout Club


Other Great Clubs

Buckeye United Fly Fishermen

Derby City Fly Fishers

Northern Kentucky Fly Fishers

Bluegrass Trout Unlimited

Louisville Trout Unlimited


Stream Etiquette While Fishing Steelhead Alley

Copied with the permission of the author: Greg Lum

Stream Etiquette (from Copyright 2002)

Lake Erie's steelhead fishery has increased in popularity over the past several years due to aggressive stocking programs, media coverage and word of mouth. As the number of fish stocked increases, so does the number of anglers. This has become a problem, because of the limited number of tributaries and access along the rivers.

Stream etiquette is often overlooked in the face of a big fish waiting to be caught. Here are a few basics that are guaranteed to show other angler's your respect for the sport of fishing.

About the Author:  Greg Lum is a Canadian transplant who resides in Cleveland Ohio.  He is a self proclaimed steelhead junky.  For years he was the webmaster of the popular website.  Greg loves his center pin setup and it is deadly medicine on the areas steelhead.

Respect an Angler's Space
This is probably the most violated rule on the river. Many popular sections of a river can be very crowded during the spawning run. Crowding another angler is inconsiderate. If you approach him or her, make sure to ask before moving into the area. Give the angler enough space so the two of you can fish without interference.

Don't Walk into a Run
Nothing aggravates a veteran steelheader more than another angler walking into a run of fish. Most of the time it's because the person is not familiar with the stream. Most new steelheader's are not yet accustomed to reading water. A common rule I use is "don't go past your knees". Once again, watch where people are fishing. If you're not sure, ask.

Don't Jump into Another Person's Spot
When an angler is fighting a fish, more than often they may have to move from their spot to land the fish. This doesn't mean the space is available, because more than likely the person is coming back.

Don't Play a Foul Hooked Fish
If you foul hook (accidentally snag) a steelhead, snap the line. Tackle is cheap. Most foul hooked steelhead are very difficult to control, resulting in injury or unnecessary stress to the fish. Once foul hooked, they will leap from the water and thrash about, spooking the other fish. If you repeatedly fight foul hooked fish in a crowded section, you'll become very unpopular. Also, you will find most game wardens look at this practice unfavorably.

Tolerate Other Forms of Fishing
This is a never ending debate on the local rivers: fly fishermen Vs bait fishermen. To some anglers, fly fishing is the only way to catch steelhead, because they are a trout. I use both fly and spinning gear. One day, I may use minnows - another day I'll drift nymphs. Nothing gets my blood boiling faster than a loudmouth elitist. There is no better or worse style of fishing for steelhead.

Respect People's Property
This has become a major problem on Lake Erie's tributaries. Every year more and more landowners have posted "No Trespassing" signs on their property because they're fed up with garbage left behind and a general lack of respect. If you come upon a posted property don't trespass. If you want to fish there, ask the landowner. If they say "no" respect their wishes. If they allow you, do something nice in return such as cleaning up garbage along the shore.

Don't Litter
Often when I'm fishing I see garbage everywhere. First of all it's pollutes the environment and it's an eyesore. Some sections of streams have been closed to fishing because landowners were fed up with garbage along their property. Make it a habit to pick up discarded monofilament, cans and other trash, and dispose of them properly.

Questioning Anglers that Keep or Release Fish
There is nothing wrong with keeping a fish. Likewise, there is nothing wrong with releasing your catch. If you see an angler release a nice size fish, it is considered rude to say "Aren't you going to keep that?" or "You should keep that one!".

Give Others Space When Fighting A Fish
Give other anglers enough room to land their catch. If it's necessary, take your line out of the water to give them some space. This may happen when you're fishing down river and another angler has to move down river to land a fish.

Walk Quietly Around Others
Be courteous to those already on the streams. Walk behind other anglers and out of the water if possible. If you must stay in the water, walk with minimum surface disturbance

To read more of Greg Lums writtings and ramblings check out his Blog

click here



For More "steelhead Alley" Fishing reports Click here

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Save Time and buy your fishing license online.  Please check with your guide on what state you will be fishing.






Welcome to our Steelhead Fishing Reports page.  Here you will find, Ohio fishing reports and Pennsylvania fishing reports, compliments of Ohio Steelhead fishing guide, Don Mathews and the team of guides at

Webmaster - Guide Don Mathews


All guides listed below are self employed.  We have joined forces.  We believe that by networking together on the stream our group of local guides can give the best steelheading experience possible.  We guarantee it.. Feel free to call any of us at anytime to check on availability or to just talk fishin..   Don't be fooled by the NEW wave of guides in Ohio.  These guys are your true local steelhead pro's

Guide  Jeff Novak



Guide  Dick Keagy



Guide Travis McAllister



Greg Lum

He's usually too busy fishing to be bothered guiding BUT on occasion I can talk him into helping me out. If your looking for a guided trip with the center pin give me a call and I'll hook you two up

TTo book a trip with any of the above guides please call Don Mathews at 330-565-5457 .  He handles the website and our central booking calendar at  You may also call your guide of choice at anytime with questions or to check on availability.



ATTN:  Clubs, Trout Unlimited Chapters, Sports Shops

We have put together a great Power Point Presentation on Fishing "steelhead Alley" its not just a bragging guide with a bunch of big fish pictures.  We have put together an informative lesson on steelheading.  It contains many tips we have learned in our 10 year history of Guiding Steelhead Alley.   The principals we show you can be applied to many other fisheries. We offer this presentation at a very reasonable cost of $100 plus our fuel expenses.  We have a high Definition Power Point projector all we need is a screen or blank wall and a group of fishermen.  Feel free to contact Don at 330-565-5457 to set up a date for your club meeting.


Stream Maps



New York


"Steelhead Alley"

Steelhead Facts

All of our streams in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and New York hold fish during the winter months December- March 


New York Steelhead fishing is best in October thru December but most years the Cattaraugus Creek s the first stream to get a run of fish

Pennsylvania Steelhead fishing peaks in November and December but gets runs as early as September.  They are the most heavily stocked streams on "Steelhead Alley" and hold the most fish per square mile.

Ohio Steelhead fishing starts in October and lasts until early May.  Ohio streams are usually fish the best in the spring.



In addition to our guided Ohio and Pennsylvania trips we offer a select number of trips each Fall to Western, NY and the Cattaraugus Creek. Steel headers often refer to the Catt as the "Crown Jewel" of our Great Lakes tributaries. We fish the Catt during the month of October. It is a beautiful stream and the early fall fishing is great. Give me a call and we will discuss a trip to the Catt. Don Mathews NY License #4348

We also have a presentation "Finding Fish on Steelhead Alley" available to put on at your seminar, event, or club meeting. We have assembled a awesome slide show and have all of our own equipment. We offer this presentation at a very minimal cost, and your audience will learn from it. So Please contact us....

Many lodging options exist along "Steelhead Alley" and Interstate I-90.  Here are a few lodging options located near to the streams that we fish.

Comfort Inn Elyria Ohio;  440-324-7676
EconoLodge Elyria Ohio; 440-324-3911
Howard Johnson's Geneva Ohio Exit#218; 440-466-1168
State Park Lodge Geneva Ohio Exit #218; 866-806-8066
Hampton Inn Ashtabula Ohio Exit #223; Call   440-275-2000
Comfort Inn Ashtabula Ohio Exit #223; Call   440-275-2711
Days Inn Conneaut Ohio Exit #241440-593-1226
Best Western Erie Pa exit#18 814-838-7646

Clarion Inn Erie Pa Exit#18 814-833-1116

Comfort Inn Dunkirk NY Exit#59 716-672-4450

White Inn Fredonia NY Exit#59 716-672-2103

Best Western Dunkirk NY Exit#59 716-366-7100

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