Welcome to our  "Meet The Guides Page"   Only the best licensed pro guides are used by Dfishinfool's Guide Service..!!

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Dfishinfool's Guide Service

Meet The Guides Page

Meet our Staff of Professional Guides offering Steelhead Fishing trips in Ohio and Pennsylvania

  When I first started guiding Steelhead Fishermen in 1998 it quickly became apparent that I needed qualified people to help me with large groups.  I also needed people I could trust to guide my valued guests on days I wasn't available. Our team of guides was carefully chosen from the areas best local talent. Each of our guides is self employed they do not work for me.  Instead we network together.  Our experience taught us that by combining forces and working together we can provide our guests with a better trip. This team concept gives us the advantage of networking to find the most productive fishing areas. We are constant contact with each other via cell phone.  Only guides who live up to our high standards are considered to join our team. Our number one requirement is that each guide will know all of the streams.  Beware the guide that only fishes only one river..!!   This  limits the number of candidates we can consider to be part of our group.   To have consistent success on Steelhead Alley one must change fishing locations and streams daily. We chase that magical green water and the fish it brings. Very few people have spent the hours on the water that these guys have.    These guys all grew up in Steelhead heaven and they know the streams well.  They have been fishing these streams all of their lives, literally since the conception of the steelhead fishery we know today. They do this because it is their love. Not because its so lucrative, you do the math.   I am confident they can make your steelhead trip one to remember, I guarantee it ..!!      

Rest assured all team member guides charge the same rate, and provide the same level of service.  There are no hidden costs with any of our team member guides.   All rods, reels, leaders, tippets, flies, bait, coffee, and a streamside lunch with desert are included in our trip price.  All steelhead alley guide trips where we choose the stream.  "You catch fish or you fish free"

I thank you for considering a trip with myself or one of our team member guides.

Don Dfishinfool Mathews


 Hi, I'm Don Mathews, lets go fishing.  Call me now to set up your "Steelhead Alley" adventure 

Don "Dfishinfool" Mathews


e-mail:  dfishinfool@aol.com 


"Hyde Boat Pro Staff member,  Founder  of  Steelheadschool.com and Owner of Dfishinfool's Guide Service since 1997, Steelhead School Instructor, Instructional speaker,  Outdoor writer, NY  Guide License # 4348,  2010 Pennsylvania Guide License # 198,  2010 Guide Permit holder Lorain County Metro parks, Ohio certified youth fishing instructor, Insured, CPR Certified, First Aid Certified, Water Safety Certified, Fly and Tackle development and field tester for several industry leaders,  B.S.A. Fly Fishing Merit Badge Counselor,  Fished Ohio steelhead since 1976 , Over 21 yrs experience guiding hunters and fishermen, 13 yrs of Guiding experience on "Steelhead Alley"

Hello my name is Don Mathews and I am the owner of Dfishinfool's Guide Service. I was born and raised in NE Ohio. I currently reside in Garrettsville, Ohio.  I grew up in a fishing family. I was very fortunate to have a father who introduced me to fishing and the outdoors at a young age. I spent my youth working on charter boats on the Great Lakes and accompanying my father on his endless list of fishing destinations. As I got older I spent a few years guiding bear hunters and fishermen in the Quebec wilderness. About thirty years ago I caught my first Steelhead or Lake run bow as we used to call them. I still remember the day as if it were yesterday. The beauty and fight of this new silver fish left me in awe. I have been hooked ever since. In my pursuit of Steelhead I have fished all over the Great Lakes and Pacific West Coast. Let me tell you there is no place like home here on "Steelhead Alley". I feel very fortunate to have a Steelhead paradise in my back yard. In 1997 I made the decision to leap into guiding Steelhead fishermen full time and I have been having a blast ever since..!! Lets go fishin!



 My name is Jeff Novak.  I don't wear a watch or a ring.  Come fishing on a guided trip with me and I'll put you on the fish.!!

Jeff "Steelhead Caddy" Novak

e-mail:  steelheadcaddy@aol.com



Jeff Novak  hails from Southington Ohio. His website is called Extreme Steelheading and that sure describes Jeff.  I have seen him do some extreme things to catch a fish.  Jeff isn't a internet personality.  He is the first to admit he doesn't like the internet.  I can remember hearing him brag more than once that he lands his fish with a landing net not the internet.  We consider Jeff to be the jokester of the crew. He is sure to entertain you during your day of fishing. He has a  motto " I don't wear a watch or a ring!" Fishing for steelhead has become a year round pursuit for Jeff. He used to bowl, shoot archery, hunt, golf, and ski. Now he pretty much just fishes  and he does it well. He has a knack for catching fish when others get skunked. That is probably why he has so many repeat guests. Jeff can cast a flyrod like few others.  He has taught hundreds of first timers. On the rainy days you can't fish.  You can find Jeff at his fly bench tying the perfect flies he uses. He is a fly innovator and has developed some of the best patterns we use on the Great Lakes region. Jeff has a passion for fly fishing but he feels right at home with the spinning rod also. Jeff carries a current NY guide license and fishes from Pulaski NY to Cleveland Oh but will readily admit one of his secret spots on our Ohio streams is where he considers home. Jeff also is doing trout fishing trips in Pennsylvania during the summer months.

Jeff Novak is probably the best steelhead fisherman I have ever known.



Billy Brown


Hello my name is Billy Brown.  I have been fortunate enough to grow up in Northwest PA near the heart of "Steelhead Alley". I have lived here  my entire life.  I'll never forget the first steelhead I ever caught with a push button zebco reel at the age of 9, and I've been hooked ever since!  I am now 29 years old and have elected to pursue guiding as a full time profession.  I received a bachelors degree in Wildlife & Fisheries Sciences in 2009 and worked with the National Marine Fisheries Service for two years.  Although I enjoyed the work I couldn't help but think of the fish I had not yet caught or the rivers I had not yet fished.  I elected to take a position in Alaska guiding for leopard rainbows, steelhead, salmon, dolly varden, and grayling.  I have been guiding there for the past four years now during the summer months and love every bit of it!  Of all the fish I've chased and guided for I'd have to say the "ol mighty" steelhead is by far my fish of choice.  Its awfully hard to beat the thrill and excitement of hooking into a fresh chromer.  It is also hard to beat the fishery here at home on "Steelhead Alley",  it truly is world class.  I am really looking forward to working with Don and the other guides on the streams and rivers I grew up on.  I have a true passion for fly fishing and tying flies but was brought up with a spinning rod in hand so we will fish whichever method you prefer to put fish on the bank.  My overall goal is to make sure the day of fishing is memorable for both you and I, and most of all have a little fun in the process.  I look forward to fishing with you, "SHON"





Travis "Trout" McAllister



Travis is a local fishing addict.  He lives to fish.  His friends call him "Trout".    It seems like everywhere I would go there would be Travis or on occasion his guests standing there fighting a fish.  Travis has been dabbling with guiding fishermen as a hobby for a couple of years now. We needed help keeping up so I approached Travis about guiding with us.   So he has decided to make the plunge into the world of being a fishing guide.  Travis is now available to guide you seven days a week.  He may be young at 24  BUT he meets all of the requirements to guide the Alley.  He is local and knows our streams very well.  Think about it, do you really want to hire a guide who lives three hours or more from the stream and needs a GPS to find his way around? Travis has been steelheading Ohio and Pennsylvania his whole life.  He knows every hole and rock that holds fish on the Alley.   He is experienced with fly and spinning techniques.  He will bring his beautiful original hand tied steelhead patterns on your trip.   He is pleasant to fish with and has a calm easy going way about him and is a patient teacher.  Yet he approaches his fishing with much enthusiasm.  I'm excited to welcome Travis to our team.





Jason Heinbaugh



My name is Jason Heinbaugh.  I have lived and been an avid fisherman in Northeast Ohio my entire life!   I am  34 years old and have had a fishing pole in my hand for nearly 30 years now ...fishing is my life long passion , I have been a part time guide for the last 8 years, I was approached by Don Mathews to join his staff...Don has been a guide on the lake Erie tribs for many years now , I thought this would be an honor to join his staff as I have known them and fished with them  for many years.  I think my knowledge and steelheading skills will benefit my guests, as I have been on the rivers and creeks in Northeast Ohio and North West Pa for countless hours, I caught my first Steelhead on Christmas Day 1989 , from that day forth I was hooked and I wanted to further my knowledge of chasing Steelhead on the Great Lakes tribs . I started out spin fishing from 1989 to 1994 and then I started Fly Fishing from 1995 to 2003. After which I made the switch to the centerpin fishing. Today I carry these 3 rods in my vehicle at all times , stream conditions and time of year often determine which one I will fish that day.  I always leave my mind open to various forms of fishing as I want my knowledge to grow in these fields.  I feel my knowledge and confidence in these various forms of fishing benefit my guests.  I have also been tying flies for many years now.  I  know what it takes to match the hatch and  put fish on the bank.  I have built many sound relationships with local landowners.   I want to make your time on the water with me an enjoyable  learning experience ..  I will apologize up front.  I often find myself rambling about my sometimes comical experiences on the river.   My goal as a guide is to see that your day as well as my day was a learning and unforgettable experience.  I want everybody to know how fun steelheading is.  I hope to fish with you soon ...tight lines and as always ....FISH ON !!   Jason







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Save time. Buy your fishing license online the night before your trip.  Please check with your guide on what state to purchase.






In addition to our guided Ohio and Pennsylvania trips we offer a select number of trips each Fall to Western, NY and the Cattaraugus Creek. Steel headers often refer to the Catt as the "Crown Jewel" of our Great Lakes tributaries. We fish the Catt during the month of October. It is a beautiful stream and the early fall fishing is great. Give me a call and we will discuss a trip to the Catt. Don Mathews NY License #4348

We also have a presentation "Finding Fish on Steelhead Alley" available to put on at your seminar, event, or club meeting. We have assembled a awesome slide show and have all of our own equipment. We offer this presentation at a very minimal cost, and your audience will learn from it. So Please contact us....

Many lodging options exist along "Steelhead Alley" and Interstate I-90.  Here are a few lodging options located near to the streams that we fish.

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