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Welcome to Extreme Steelheading.  Fishing "Steelhead Alley" can push both angler and his gear to the extreme.  Drag melting runs are the norm.  Snapped rods, frozen eyes, broken reels, shredded tippets, straightened hooks.  I have seen it all. It's what keeps me coming back. I love it.  So if your ready to go to the extreme.  Give me a call and let me show you what steelheading the Lake Erie Tributaries is all about

The moment of truth approaches as a fish is brought to the net on Cattaraugus Creek

We offer Fly or Spin Fishing Trips.  The Choice is Yours.

Contact Info:

Jeff Novak

Rt 305

Southington Ohio






Jeff Novak

"Steelhead Caddy"

Ohio Steelhead Fishing guide since 1998

Licensed Pennsylvania Fishing Guide

Licensed New York State Fishing Guide

Permit holder Lorain Metro-parks

Instructor Steelhead School


CPR Certified

First Aid Certified

Water Safety Certified




I use quality made in the USA  Scott Fly Rods on my guide trips


I trust Orvis Fly Reels on my guide trips.




   My name is Jeff Novak.  I live in North Eastern Ohio.  I don't play with little fish. I like my fish to be big and mean and "Steelhead Alley" is the place to find them.  Our Ohio fish had wild parents and they fight like bulldogs. I fish all the streams From Buffalo NY to Cleveland Ohio. We have the highest steelhead catch rate in the Great Lakes region and possibly the world.  This is  due to massive numbers of  young fish being stocked by the surrounding states. They are put into the streams that feed into Lake Erie.  The young implanted steelhead smolts migrate out to lake Erie and feast on its abundant forage. They spend their summers in the lake getting fat. October and November rains trigger their biological clocks and they return to the rivers to spawn.  Instincts and smell guide them back to the stream they were originally stocked into.  When they come back to the streams as mature three year olds they are 24" long and full of attitude.  Unlike Salmon, our steelhead continue to feed as they migrate through the stream.  They readily take flies or bait.  The fish remain in the stream until warming water temperatures in May force them to return to the lake. Steelhead do not die after spawning.  They return to Lake Erie and repeat the spawning cycle yearly.  Unfortunately due to high summer water temperatures there is no natural reproduction in our streams. 


It can be challenging finding fish everyday. Water conditions are constantly changing and the fish are migratory. My goal is to make sure you are on the best sections of stream for the day of your trip.  This requires us to be mobile and chase the runs of fish. I network with the team of guides at SteelheadSchool.Com . We work together each day. Staying in contact via cell phone.  Networking with a group of guys who are on the stream everyday has definite advantages. Simply put it makes my job easier putting you on the fish. This group of guys will go to the extreme to make sure you have an productive day on the stream. They are the best guides on the Alley. We are so sure you will catch a fish that we guarantee it. ..


 When it comes to steelhead gear I have found that the bitter pill of poor quality remains long after the sweet taste of low cost.  You just can't cut corners on your gear.  These hard fighting fish require butter smooth drags and dependable rods.  Bring cheap tackle to our steelhead stream and you will leave it in a garbage can when you go home.  I don't expect you to have the right gear.  That's why everything will be provided for you on our guide trips.  All you need are waders and a good attitude and I'll put you on the fish.  I will bring coffee in the morning  and a streamside lunch with desert.  I will have boxes of well tied flies and the freshest of bait.  I have close to five hundred dollars invested in each of my fly outfits you will use. No corners will be cut on your steelhead adventure.


Hiring a guide will shorten your learning curve.  I have spent a lifetime studying the streams and the secrets to continuous success on the Alley. In groups of three or more anglers the price is just $125 pr man.  I guarantee you will catch an adult steelhead or your trip is free.  More importantly I guarantee you will enjoy your day on our streams. Lets go to the EXTREME..!!


I have also been an instructor at the Steelhead School for the last fourteen years.  If your serious about learning the steelhead game then our school is right up your alley. It is an EXTREME three days of steelheading. It includes two nights lodging and breakfast, a nine hour tour of the streams, casting instruction, fly tying, knots, and a full day of guided fishing.  All three days for the bargain price of $350.  Your sure to come away a better fisherman after spending the weekend with this group of guys..!!


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