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Honesty is our number one priority at Dfishinfool's Guide Service. 

We know most people are smart enough to spot a fake or a liar.  Before you book a trip with any Steelhead Alley Guide ask them how many years they have been fishing Ohio. If they are honest you might be surprised by the answer. Anybody can be a internet hero and since you don't need a license to guide Ohio.  Out of state guides are flocking to the area to make a quick buck. Our team of guides have been fishing Ohio and the rest of Steelhead alley our whole lives.  We want lifelong customers. We strive to exceed our guests expectations.  My guarantee is simple. If your not 100% satisfied with anything we do contact me.  If I can't make it right. I will give you a full refund. No questions asked.

Don Mathews


The original

"Steelhead School" 

 Since 2001

March 27, 28, and 29th  2009

Often imitated but never duplicated.  We have over 150 satisfied Graduates thru the years. It is a three day adventure into the world of fishing Steelhead Alley.  Our team of local steelhead pro's teach you everything you need to know to be a successful steelhead angler. It also includes a nine hour tour of the hot spots on the streams. We will cover, When to fish where, knots, rigging terminal tackle, leader construction, fly selection, reading water, fighting fish,  spin, fly, spey and cenerpinn techniques plus thee hours of hands on fly tying.  All you will need are an Ohio fishing license and a pair of chest high waders. . The weekend is value priced at $350 per angler and included in the price is two nights lodging

Old Report Archives

A blast from the past on

"Steelhead Alley"

Hi I'm Don Mathews welcome to our Steelhead Alley reports page.

Since 1998 I have been posting  Steelhead fishing reports as a service to my friends and guests along the streams. We have offered these reports free to the public. I have assembled all of our past reports here for your enjoyment.  Our hope is that you recognize our passion for the fishery and consider us for a guided trip or as a guest at our Steelhead School.  We are your local steelhead pro's

So if you have some time sit down and take a blast thru our past Over 1100 pictures and 50 individual pages.

 I built these pages myself with my very limited self taught computer skills.  I can assure you I am a much better fisherman than webmaster. Its comical for me to read some of these old reports before I figured out how to use spell check and front page.  I apologize. So please understand that these WebPages may lack catchy graphics but they are honest and come from the heart of a steelhead addict.

Scroll below then click on the date to access old report

Current Report Page

10-01-10  thru 10-30-10

4-06-10  thru 10-01-10

3-23-10  thru  4-06-10

1-01-10  thru  3-23-10

11-20-09  thru  1-01-10

10-12-09  thru  11-20-09

9-10-09  thru  9-29-09

7-14-09  thru  10-12-09

5-07-09  thru 7-14-09

4-28-09  thru  5-07-09

4-20-09  thru  4-27-09

4-09-09  thru  4-20-09

4-01-09  thru  4-09-09

3-25-09  thru 4-01-09

3-09-09  thru  3-25-09

1-12-09  thru  3-09-09

12-30-08  thru  1-12-09

11-18-08  thru  12-30-08

5-06-08  thru  11-18-08

9-11-08  thru  9-29-08

4-21-08  thru  5-06-08

3-31-08  thru 4-20-08

3-10-08  thru  3-30-08

1-01-08  thru  2-22-08

10-01-07  thru  11-29-07

4-22-05  thru  4-30-05

4-10-05  thru  4-22-05

3-24-05  thru  4-10-05

3-05-05  thru  3-24-05

1-08-05  thru 3-05-05

12-11-04  thru  1-08-05

8-17-04  thru  9-24-04

3-13-04  thru  8-17-04

3-12-04  thru  3-13-04

3-11-04  thru  3-12-04

3-08-04  thru  3-11-04

3-05-04  thru  3-08-04

2-08-04  thru  3-05-04

12-26-03  thru  2-08-04

12-25-03  thru  12-26-03

12-21-03  thru  12-25-03

12-17-03  thru  12-21-03

12-13-03  thru  12-17-03

12-11-03  thru  12-13-03

12-07-03  thru 12-11-03

12-02-03  thru  12-07-03

11-25-03  thru  12-02-03

11-19-03  thru  11-25-03

11-16-03  thru  11-19-03

11-11-03  thru  11-16-03

11-08-03  thru  11-11-03

11-05-03  thru  11-08-03

10-29-03  thru  11-05-03

10-20-03  thru  10-29-03

10-15-03  thru  10-20-03

7-04-03  thru  7-13-03

4-28-03  thru  10-15-03

4-24-03  thru  4-28-03

4-12-03  thru  4-24-03

4-05-03  thru  4-12-03

3-30-03  thru  4-05-03

3-26-03  thru  3-30-03

3-23-03  thru  3-26-03

3-16-03  thru 3-23-03

3-08-03  thru  3-16-03

1-10-03  thru  3-08-03

1-05-03  thru  1-10-03

12-26-02  thru  1-05-03

12-25-02  thru  12-26-02

11-23-02  thru  12-25-02

11-12-02  thru  11-23-02

2-08-02   thru  11-12-02

1-26-02  thru 2-08-02

1-05-02  thru  1-26-02

12-13-01  thru  1-05-02

11-28-01  thru  12-13-01

11-01-01  thru  11-28-01

10-22-01  thru  11-01-01

4-14-01  thru  10-22-01

3-24-01  thru  4-14-01

10-14-98  thru  3-24-01   Sorry but as of 10-31-08  AOL Hometown was shut down.  Unfortunately all reports from that period were deleted from the server.  Lucky for me I had then saved to CD.  I'll be putting then on the new server soon. THNX!!

Articles by Don

Spin Fishing Article

Deep Water Trolling Chart

Ohio Steelhead History in the making




Save Time and buy your fishing license online.  Please check with your guide on what state you will be fishing.





Welcome to our Steelhead Fishing Reports page.  Here you will find, Ohio fishing reports and Pennsylvania fishing reports, compliments of Ohio Steelhead fishing guide, Don Mathews and the team of guides at Dfishinfool's Guide Service.

Webmaster - Guide Don Mathews


All guides listed below are self employed.  but We have joined forces.  We believe that by networking together on the stream our group of local guides can give the best steelheading experience possible.  We guarantee it.. Feel free to call any of them at anytime to check on availability or to just talk fishin.  They are your true local steelhead pro's

Guide  Jeff Novak



Guide  Dick Keagy



Guide Travis McAllister


TTo book a trip please call Don Mathews at 330-565-5457 .  He handles the website and our central booking calendar.  You may also call your guide of choice at anytime with questions or to check on availability.

"Steelhead Alley"

Steelhead Facts

All of our streams in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and New York hold fish during the winter months December- March 


New York Steelhead fishing is best in October thru December but most years the Cattaraugus Creek s the first stream to get a run of fish

Pennsylvania Steelhead fishing peaks in November and December but gets runs as early as September.  They are the most heavily stocked streams on "Steelhead Alley" and hold the most fish per square mile.

Ohio Steelhead fishing starts in October and lasts until early May.  Ohio streams are usually fish the best in the spring.



In addition to our guided Ohio and Pennsylvania trips we offer a select number of trips each Fall to Western, NY and the Cattaraugus Creek. Steel headers often refer to the Catt as the "Crown Jewel" of our Great Lakes tributaries. We fish the Catt during the month of October. It is a beautiful stream and the early fall fishing is great. Give me a call and we will discuss a trip to the Catt. Don Mathews NY License #4348

We also have a presentation "Finding Fish on Steelhead Alley" available to put on at your seminar, event, or club meeting. We have assembled a awesome slide show and have all of our own equipment. We offer this presentation at a very minimal cost, and your audience will learn from it. So Please contact us....

Many lodging options exist along "Steelhead Alley" and Interstate I-90.  Here are a few lodging options located near to the streams that we fish.

Comfort Inn Elyria Ohio;  440-324-7676
EconoLodge Elyria Ohio; 440-324-3911
Howard Johnson's Geneva Ohio Exit#218; 440-466-1168
State Park Lodge Geneva Ohio Exit #218; 866-806-8066
Hampton Inn Ashtabula Ohio Exit #223; Call   440-275-2000
Comfort Inn Ashtabula Ohio Exit #223; Call   440-275-2711
Days Inn Conneaut Ohio Exit #241440-593-1226
Best Western Erie Pa exit#18 814-838-7646

Clarion Inn Erie Pa Exit#18 814-833-1116

Comfort Inn Dunkirk NY Exit#59 716-672-4450

White Inn Fredonia NY Exit#59 716-672-2103

Best Western Dunkirk NY Exit#59 716-366-7100

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