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Steelhead Fishing Reports

From "Steelhead Alley"

Hi I'm Don Mathews welcome to our Steelhead Alley reports page.

No B.S. Ohio fishing reports and Pennsylvania fishing reports compliments of licensed professional Steelhead fishing guide, Don Mathews and the staff of guides at Dfishinfool's Guide Service.


4-20-08  What a week.  I'm dead tired, I pulled the oars over 50 miles on Ohio's Grand River this week.  It paid off with lots of smiling pictures.  I hate to talk numbers but we put well over 200 fish in the net last week. Probably had a half dozen or so over 10 lbs.  What a week..!!  My hands look like hamburger from unhooking fish.  I'm really looking forward to a day off on Wednesday.  Last week our guides were out on the Conneaut,  Chagrin and Vermillion but the Grand is where its at for right now.  Fish are spread out on all of the streams and the warm water temperatures are making them drop back to the lake.  I have been chasing a few big pods of drop backs on the Grand River from the boat and they are headed downstream at about 1 mile per day.  The upper river was hot early in the week but now the fish are in the mid river. The Grand was 61* today and it was really starting to stress the fish out.  Vermillion river has been producing.  A couple of fellows did over 100 fish in the lower river last week but they had to get up real early every morning to beat the crowds ..Grinning..  The Rocky River has lots of suckers but very few steelhead.  I think she's about done for the year. Conneaut has been slow but things should improve as drop backs from Pa start working downstream. Forget about the ditches they are real low and clear. The Chagrin has quite a few fish still but most are dropping back due to the high water temps. Clyde over at Folly's End Flyshop in Pennsylvania reports that there are still quite a few steelies in Elk Creek but the water is real clear over there. It ain't over yet folks BUT do keep your fingers crossed for some cool weather.. Good Fishin..!!  Don

4-17-08  Gotta keep it short.  I'll let the pictures do the talking. The last few days have been spectacular.   We have been hitting some real nice fish in all of the rivers.  The trick is to get away from the crowds to find un-pressured fish.  HOT fly was Tellico Nymph for me today but Buggers, Sucker Spawn and Skein flies all produced.  A lot of our fish are coming on the swing. Have Fun and Good Fishin..!!  Don

4-16-08 Floatin the Gand

4-16-08  Another victim of swingng sink tips on the Grand

4-16-08  Short and sweet.  The Grand, Rocky, Chagrin, Conneaut, are all fishing now.  Floated the Grand today and had a banner day.  Good Fishin..!! Don

4-15 Pat with a nice fish caught swinging sink tips

4-15 Fresh Ohio Steelhead on the fly

4-15-08  Nice day in Ohio.  We started on a smaller stream this morning.  It got cold enough to freeze the wet wading boots in the truck last night. The guys had a heck of a time getting their boots on.  Water temps dropped quickly on this small stream and we only caught a couple the first few hours.  All the fish were in the deep holes and none were on gravel.  We made a move to a larger trib and found the water in nice shape and a few degrees warmer. Had the stream to ourselves and we found a bunch of fresh fish. We found a few on gavel and we had fresh ones pushing up by us all afternoon.  Hot fly seemed to be woolly buggers but we had to change the menu often. We ran 4' T-14 sink tips with 30" of 2X tippet.  Flow was still up a bit but water color was nice on the East Side Streams.  Lower Elk creek was low and clear but there were lots of guys fishing. Grand is still a bit over 1000 CFM with 18 inch vis. I'm going to float it tomorrow. Chagrin and Rocky are both fishin. From the reports I got the V was still a bit high but should shape up tomorrow. Good Luck..!! Don

4-14-08  Back to Steelheading..!!   I had a blast last week in Mexico, Grand Cayman, Belize, and Rotan Honduras. Of the Islands I visited Rotan was my favorite.  I didn't get to fish there but from what I saw diving, the fish were very abundant and un-pressured.  I saw lots of Permit and bones with nobody fishing.   I didn't score on any Marlin during my trip but I did get a nice 59" Barracuda on the Last Night with Capt Lorenzo out of Cozumel.  I also got into some nice Dorado's while trolling. Oh well its back to Steelheading for me. Jeff, Dick, Jason, And Greg Lum were all out last week and they did well most days.  The high water caused them to cancel a few trips but overall they got into some great fish. I'll be out everyday for the next couple of weeks and I'll keep you posted. In the meantime check out some of our pictures from last week. Good Fishin..!!  Don

OOk so.. its not a steelhead check out those teeth..!!

4-3-08  I had the same group of guys from Knoxville Tennessee today.  We fished the chagrin on the drop and did good.  Not huge numbers like yesterday but still lots of fish. They seemed a little sluggish as the water temps went down.  We had guides out fishing four different streams today and everybody had good reports. On the down side more rain is headed our way. BUT..!! I'm on my way for a sunnier place .  Good Fishin..!!  Don

4-03-08 Steve with a Chagrin river hog

4-03-08  then he caught this one 20 minutes later

4-03-08  Larry with a colorful fish

One of many

4-2-08  Greg's big Ohio buck will look good on his wall

4-2-08  A great day on the Ohio streams.  Finally some of the streams are at a fishable level. We fished a smaller stream today and by the time we quit it was too low and clear and the fish were spooky.  Of course that's probably because my group from Tennessee sore mouthed almost every fish in the river. We used both fly's and bait but the fish had a definite preference for flies.  Eggs, nymphs, buggers, and streamers all produced.  We mixed it up.  They did very well and Greg got one 33" fish for the wall. Action was non stop all day.  I look for the next week to be excellent fishing. I better go get some sleep.  I got those same three guys from Tennessee tomorrow and I gotta a feeling I'm going to need my energy. Good Fishin..!! Don

4-2-08 Steve with a fresh hen

4-2-08  Larry showing off a fly caught Ohio steelie

3-31-08 Mark with his monster 15 lb steelie

3-31-08  Monday Report   What a day..!!  My best day of the spring season thus far. Cowboy Bob is going to regret not making this one.  I had three guests from West Virginia up. They wore me out and put over 40 fish in the net today. Now these guys are far from rookies.  This is their sixth year fishing with me. You may recognize them as the group I guided in the 2002 episode of the North Eastern Outdoors show over on Elk Creek in Pennsylvania.  Thing is they usually spin fish.  Well the fish snubbed my fresh sacs this morning and wanted flies.  We couldn't even roll one fish on bait. So in short order I had all three of them with a fly rod in their hand.  Dave held out the longest but once Steve had five in the net he was ready to be a fly fisher..  Not to my surprise, They caught on quick.  Steve had 10 fish in the net by 9:05 AM and the crazy thing is they were all caught on the same chartreuse bugger.  I didn't even have to change the tippet.  We had several doubles and I showed off when they tripled up, I netted all three fish at once.  The heavy load ended up ripping out the front of my net.  There you go show off..  A good push of fresh fish was in the river and they appeared to be moving up. Freshest fish I have seen in quite awhile now. Water temp was 41* this morning.  Fishing should be good from here on out as long as the weather lets us fish. Like I said the fish wanted flies.  #12 Kaydays Crystal Meth and #10 Chartruse Wooly buggers were on the menu today.

3-31-08 Steve with his 10th fish by 9:00 AM

3-31  Heavy rain missed us last night but we did get enough to bump up most of the streams a little bit.  Still all of the larger Ohio streams are too high right now. We fished a unmentionable ditch today and even it was off color.  We kept getting muddy periods from the melting clay banks falling into the river. More rain is on the way.  Lets keep or fingers crossed its not a heavy one. I'll post an update tomorrow. Good Fishin..!! Don

3-31-08  Dave is liking the fly rod more and more

3-31-08 Tripple header that ripped my net - all fish released

ABOUT OUR FLIES:  You may have noticed that Dfishinfool's Guide Service is now selling flies online once again. Some of you may remember that I sold flies on my web site for seven years from 1997-2004.  In April 2004 I decided to focus on running my guide business and I got out of selling flies. I introduced one of the guys that used to guide with me to my African Fly suppliers in Kenya. Since then I have referred all of my online fly order customers to him. (See old Report Page Archives).  I have not profited from any fly sales since then. Over the past four years, I'm sure many of you have had success using our patterns tied in Africa and sold at a network of local fly shops.

  Things didn't quite work out as planned. Recently I received my Import license from the US Fish and Wildlife Service. I will once again be importing and selling our proven patterns online. The same tested and proven patterns we use on our guide trips each day.  Seems like we are bombarded with new steelhead patterns everyday. I'm sure some work and these new patterns sure look good in your fly box. We tend to stick with our time tested favorite patterns, flies that look good to the fish. Over the last few months. I have worked hard with my friends in Africa getting my patterns perfected. I also weeded out some of the African Suppliers who offered a poor quality product. Today I have narrowed it down to three suppliers in Africa that tie my proven fish catching patterns on high quality heavy hooks. The flies are tied to my strict specifications. The price is almost too good to be true.  Watch in the coming months for our new line of proven steelhead, trout and Salmon patterns developed over the years by friends and guides throughout the great lake region.  Remember our flies are "Cheaper By The Dozen"

GOOD FISHIN..!!   Don Dfishinfool Mathews

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Welcome to our Steelhead Fishing Reports page.  Here you will find, Ohio fishing reports and Pennsylvania fishing reports, compliments of Ohio Steelhead fishing guide, Don Mathews and the staff of guides at Dfishinfool's Guide Service.


New York Steelhead fishing is best in October

Pennsylvania Steelhead fishing peaks in November and December

Ohio Steelhead fishing peaks in March and April


In addition to our guided Ohio and Pennsylvania trips we offer a select number of trips each Fall to Western, NY and the Cattaraugus Creek. Steel headers often refer to the Catt as the "Crown Jewel" of our Great Lakes tributaries. We fish the Catt during the month of October. It is a beautiful stream and the early fall fishing is great. Give me a call and we will discuss a trip to the Catt. Don Mathews NY License #4348

We also have a presentation "Finding Fish on Steelhead Alley" available to put on at your seminar, event, or club meeting. We have assembled a awesome slide show and have all of our own equipment. We offer this presentation at a very minimal cost, and your audience will learn from it. So Please contact us....

Many lodging options exist along "Steelhead Alley" and Interstate I-90.  Here are a few lodging options located near to the streams that we fish.

Comfort Inn Elyria Ohio;  440-324-7676
EconoLodge Elyria Ohio; 440-324-3911
Howard Johnson's Geneva Ohio Exit#218; 440-466-1168
State Park Lodge Geneva Ohio Exit #218; 866-806-8066
Hampton Inn Ashtabula Ohio Exit #223; Call   440-275-2000
Comfort Inn Ashtabula Ohio Exit #223; Call   440-275-2711
Days Inn Conneaut Ohio Exit #241440-593-1226
Best Western Erie Pa exit#18 814-838-7646

Clarion Inn Erie Pa Exit#18 814-833-1116

Comfort Inn Dunkirk NY Exit#59 716-672-4450

White Inn Fredonia NY Exit#59 716-672-2103

Best Western Dunkirk NY Exit#59 716-366-7100

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